Wild Orange Energising Coffee Scrub


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Cold pressed from the peel, our Wild Orange aroma is popular for its energising boost. Its purifying scent will uplift your mind and body 

Enjoy the satisfying feeling of a massage in your own home, leaving your skin refreshed, brightened and so smooth.

Fights free radicals, acne and eczema, tightens skin, targets cellulite and stretch marks. 


Reduces dryness and skin infections. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. 


Gentle on skin, scrubs away dead skin cells for soft, irritation free skin. 


Natural antioxidants. Helps maintaining healthy cells. Protects your skin and reduces inflammation and premature aging. Fantastic wound-healing properties.



Energises your mind and body.

Cleanses and softens skin.

Unclogs pores.

Prevents acne and eczema.

Reduces cellulite.

Evens skin tone.

Boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Increases cell turnover.

Stimulates collagen synthesis.

How to use 

Step 1.

Get naked in your shower or bathtub, it's gonna get messy!

Step 2. 

Grab a handful of scrub and massage your body in a circular motion for a few minutes. Concentrate on areas that need extra attention such as cellulite and skin marks. 


Step 3. 

Let the scrub do its magic for a least 5 minutes. Sit back, relax an if you have extra time to kill, take even longer. It's a great opportunity to grab your favorite book or meditate away from the busy world so ENJOY!  


Step 4. 

Rinse and feel fabulous. Scrub 2-3 times a week. 


Wild Orange Scrub:
Coffee, Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Orange Essential Oil. 


100% Recycled coffee grounds

In most cases, coffee is discarded as waste after brewing. Not with us! We collect coffee grounds from Perth cafés and give them a second life.