About us

Silvana Spano
The Face and Founder of Spa Culcha

‘Growing up in a European family, I was always inspired by beauty, herbs and oils from an early age, watching my mother in the kitchen. Unbeknown to me, years later, I was going to continue this passion and give birth to my own signature range – Spa Culcha.

After graduating from Beauty School with honors, I worked for exclusive and state of the art Beauty and Spa Salons. I learnt that skincare and well-being went hand in hand, and were as much a holistic journey as an aesthetic one.

As a Beauty and Spa Therapist, with over 30 years of experience, I have a passion for signature spa, beauty and skin care, massage, wraps, scrub and energy healing.

The past 30 years have been an inspiring and expansive journey, drawing much learning and inspiration from the beautiful clients that I have been blessed to meet.

Aromatherapy and its healing benefits, has been a lifelong passion. In 2006 I started experimenting with the use of various essential oils and their effects on body, mind, skin and the subtle energy systems of the body.

After the birth of my second child, I was inspired to meditate to manage my own stress levels and through the sacred space of quiet contemplation and meditation, I was inspired to create and develop my first signature range of Spa Culcha products.

My intention was to create a wholistic signature range that supported body, mind and spirit wellbeing. Supporting people to transcend their stresses, revive their mood and nurture balance in their daily life.

I wanted to help and inspire people to incorporate skincare and a skin regime into their lifestyle to not only give them quality “me-time” in their day, but to inspire and educate them to develop a daily beauty, skin care and wellbeing ritual.

Spa Culcha is committed to excellence in providing clients with beauty and spa products that support natural and holistic routines, awakening healing and beauty from within.

Our Spa Culcha Range is user friendly, inspiring and nourishing for the whole person.

Our mission at Spa Culcha is to encourage and educate people to be proactive with their well being 'inside and out' through aromatics, natural spa and beauty care.