Whilst we help our clients with general wellbeing and relaxation with the help of Aromatics, we don't make any claims that these are to replace any medical treatments prescribed or otherwise.

We do not make any medical assessments or claims, based on the client information that is received or treatments or therapies selected for the individual.

Our assessments and recommendations are general in nature and are for educational purposes only and do not replace medical treatment and therefore, any therapeutic results are not guaranteed.

Our services are intended for relaxation, stress reduction and so are treatments prescribed or recommended.

Any contagious or infectious medical conditions must be disclosed by the client as a safety precaution to the therapist and to other clients, in the interest of the health and safety of everyone considered.

We also have the right to refuse our services based on the medical and personal nature pertaining to client information.

Sensitive client information is held with the highest respect and confidentiality and will never be given to other parties or disclosed.